With regard to diagnostics and therapy, hematology is a very innovative medical field with many groundbreaking findings on the development of blood diseases, their diagnosis and improved treatment options. Through intense research and scientific exchange in both basic and clinical research, we have succeeded in offering our patients state-of-the-art therapeutic options, improving treatment results and quality of life and designing therapies that meet our patients' needs.

    Clinical trials

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    In addition to standard medical care, the Division of Haematology offers patients all the advantages of a top international institution. A broad spectrum of cutting-edge diagnostics and innovative therapies (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplantation and other cellular immunotherapy, innovative coagulation therapy) is available.

    To constantly improve therapies and develop new treatment methods for you, our division conducts clinical trials and scientific projects in basic research. Many of our patients have the opportunity to participate in these clinical trials and gain access to innovative therapies that have not yet been approved. We also investigate risk and prognosis factors for many diseases as well as mechanisms of disease development.


    Klinische Studie

    Clinical trials offered by our division have been approved by the Ethics Committee and have the permission of the responsible governmental authorities. They often take place as part of national and international cooperations. New drugs used in clinical trials have already been subject to a variety of tests in the lab. In research projects, individual welfare must take priority over other interests. The World Medical Association has committed itself to the ethical principles for medical research in the Declaration of Helsinki. As trial participants, they must be informed in detail about the progression of the trial.

    The high standard for the procedure of trials in our division is also guaranteed by the fact that all scientifically active physicians and researchers are obliged to follow the principles of good scientific practice (GSP) as well as the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct.